Standardized herbal medicinal products require raw materials that must comply with the respective registered specification and should exhibit as little variation in quality as possible. Whether the raw material comes from a wild collection or cultivation initially plays no particular role. However, quality-affecting parameters can be identified more easily during cultivation and possibly influenced accordingly. The application of the guidelines of Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) supports companies and farmers in bringing transparency into the production processes and in achieving better planning and understanding of the resulting qualities of the plant resource.
Requirements on plant raw materials for herbal medicinal products:

PhytoConsult supports partners to achieve desired qualities of medicinal plant raw materials, analyzes possible risks, and advises on risk mitigation.

PhytoConsult was founded by Dr. Matthias Lorenz in Munich in 2003. Since then, several projects on international medicinal plant sourcing had been successfully developed and executed in Europe, America, the Caribbean, North Africa, and Asia.