Drone-Assisted Monitoring & Documentation

Drones can be used in medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation & wild collection for many aspects having input on quality and risk mitigation.

From upper left clockwise:

  • upper view showing potential risks from neighboring fields and settled areas
  • determination of the correct harvesting date in flowering crops, p.e. Iberis, Hypericum
  • low flight height getting information on cultivated plants, weed pressure, fall off, etc.
  • control of mulch beds if they are intact
  • finding and identifying weeds in a field stand
  • finding wild populations in nature or varieties with certain characteristics in large-scale cultivation areas, e.g. red grapevine leaves
  • Close-up images of plant parts, e.g. flowers, to determine physiological maturity. The field does not need to be entered
  • detection of areas without plants in large fields

Further applications:

  • Drone documentation as part of GACP audits
  • Drone documentation of harvest
  • Drone pictures and videos as corporate representation

Phytoconsult can provide assistance in developing applications for the use of drones in medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation and wild collection. The development of algorithms for automated applications such as the determination of the optimal harvesting time is possible and is achieved in cooperation with partners.